Thomas is the owner of Artesão De Luxo, designer of our artisan furniture, and main decision maker when it comes to product production, and quality control. Having grown up in a family who immigrated from Portugal in the late 1950's and started a successful Portuguese bakery in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and a father who worked in the trades, taught him to take pride in his work. Since moving into business Thomas learned that exceptional results only come from being accountable for your actions, that being fully transparent of your quality of work is extremely important, and that exceptional customer service not only benefits the customer, but the business as well. If you're looking for a furniture maker with attention to detail and whos main focus is to make sure you get a quality product that is exactly what you're looking for. Thomas is happy to answer your questions or concerns you may have to the best of his ability. So please don't hesitate to ask a question!